Tax Deadline for Those Living Abroad is Fast Approaching

June 15 is just around the corner, which happens to be the deadline for filing income tax returns – if you live abroad, that is. This deadline applies specifically to people who are United States citizens, resident aliens (including green card holders) and military personnel currently serving outside the country. Regardless of where you reside, you must file a tax return with the IRS, even if you pay taxes in your host country.

Any income you make abroad is subject to U.S. income tax, including employment, estate and gift tax returns. Fortunately, the IRS does provide this longer deadline to help compensate for the challenges of filing taxes while living abroad. An automatic 2-month extension is granted to any qualifying individual taxpayer who meets these requirements.

If you are living abroad and haven’t filed your taxes, you will need to do so before the deadline hits. It’s important to note that this filing extension does not excuse submitting required payments by the standard April 15 deadline; it only allows you extra time to file your return. If taxes haven’t been paid, you may be subject to additional interest charges.

Just like other U.S. taxpayers, there are multiple options for filing your taxes from abroad. You may file electronically with a software program, or choose to fill out hard copy forms and mail in your return. If you opt for mailing in your forms, consider overseas delivery schedules to ensure prompt arrival of your documents. Lastly, you can employ the services of a professional tax preparer or CPA. Given some of the complexities involved with filing while living abroad, hiring a professional may be your best option.

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