Are You Thankful for Taxes? Here’s Why You Should Be.

Are You Thankful for Taxes? Here’s Why You Should Be.

It’s that time of year to give thanks. However, one area where few people give thanks for is their taxes. But there are many reasons why we should, as paying them helps fund many important programs that keep our country strong. Here are a few reasons why we should be thankful for taxes:

1. Infrastructure.

The basic infrastructure of our entire country and your specific community is paid for by taxes. This includes road maintenance and civic organizations like police and fire stations. These infrastructures couldn’t exist without the government’s tax system.

2. Education.

Education is vital to our society and gives many people opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Just try to imagine a country without public education available to our children.

3. Military.

Our military does so much to protect our country – and they wouldn’t be able to do their job without taxes. It is crucial to have all the branches of military in place and working to keep our country safe and secure.

4. Social Security.

Social Security helps prevent older people from falling into poverty, and hopefully it will continue to be available for today’s younger generations as they age. Without taxes, there would be no Social Security benefits and many elderly folks would be struggling to get by when they are no longer able to work.

5. Thanksgiving

Yes, even our Thanksgiving dinners would be affected if there were no taxes. The government regulates food processing and distribution, which helps ensure that the turkey on your table, the beverages you drink and all those delicious side dishes are safe to eat.

Sure, most people hate paying taxes and not everybody knows where their tax dollars end up. However, there will always be some taxes to pay, and all Americans should be very thankful for the many federal, state and civic government programs that their taxes fund.

For more information about where your tax dollars go and to get prepared for your 2016 tax return (because April will be here before you know it), contact Ferguson, Timar & Company today.

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